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OPEN ENROLLMENT for the 2014-15 school year is on-going.  For information on open enrollment for grades preschool-eighth grade, the parent/toddler class on Tuesday, or the Extended Child Development Center Program (Friday Evenings and Saturday) by Reservation only; see programs and daycare, or call the school office at 760-242-4256 for additional details.


CONGRATULATIONS to the third and fourth grade class!  They raised $1,190.00 for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center by offering sandwich lunches during the school year, wrapping calendars for Gary's Gardening, and from donations made by family and friends.  They were supported in their lunch program by Overland Meat Company who provided the sandwiches at a very reasonable cost, permitting a higher profit margin.

As grand prize winners for the 2014 Change program, our third and fourth grade students at St. Timothy's have earned an invitation to a sea lion release and a whole bag of cool prizes. 

During the 2012-13 school year, this class learned about pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, etc.)  At the completion of their studies, they visited P.M.M.C. on a field trip where they learned about the process of rescuing and rehabilitating of the rescued animals.

Early in the school year, the class collected supplies for P.M.M.C. that totaled over $400.00.


CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Leta VerKuilen (Ms. Lee) on 31 Years of dedicated service to St. Timothy's Preparatory School! 

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A HUGE thank you to all who participated in the APPLEBEE'S  FLAPJACK FUNDRAISER event. We had a huge turnout! Every fundraiser counts! Thank you!


“High academic achievement by the students of St. Timothy’s, goal setting and the teaching and support to meet those goals, the confidence of the St. Timothy’s students, the opportunity for individual nurture, growth and development of the children and the pride they express in their school are just a few of the unique qualities of St. Timothy’s Preparatory and its students.”

Melinda Collingsworth, parent

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